Natural Terroir Perfumes

The collection of refined 100% natural fragrances is a challenge created by a group of cosmopolitan entrepreneurs, three friends having their Swiss roots in common. The names of the perfumes are literally the geographic coordinates that give indications of the origin of the best raw materials used in each fragrance:  bergamot from Calabria, ylang-ylang from Madagascar, French lavender, Swiss pine.

The world told through the scents and accompanied by original designs recalling the famous Hermès carré. The spring fragrance is a tribute to Colombia, created by the nose Jean-Claude Richard, who has been signing high perfumery masterpieces for thirty years.

The name is 04 ° N74W, like the coordinates that bring you on a journey amongst the notes of gardenia, an elegant white flower appreciated since the last century, which is the predominant essence of the jus, along with tuberose and coffee with sweet gourmand digressions of honey and vanilla. A warm and exuberant tropical garden, where you meet the Andean breezes with moist and dense air of the rain forests. The fragrance is inspired by the painting of Botero “Bailando en Colombia”, enlivened by notes of coffee, the most known olfactory symbol of this land.

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