Fragrant metamorphosis

The Italian selective perfumery is experiencing a new renaissance in recent years. Among the most interesting business stories, there is the Morph collection of fragrances, created by the inspiration and passion of a young Neapolitan entrepreneur, who, assisted by a creative team, produced sophisticated fragrances, distributed in clothing stores and concept store, suggestively named as ‘Morph’. The line anticipates innovation starting from the packaging, unusual and precious, a bottle suggesting the idea of movement and evolution, recreating a sort of rotation with its shape. The intense Eau de perfume, opulent and persistent, become a second skin to be remembered. They are in fact characterized by a much higher concentration on the fragrances on the market and are the results of the research for the best natural extracts from around the world.

An abundance of olfactory emotions that tells about experiences, travels, and passions, smells that can make a change in the life stories. The latest fragrance created by Morph is  “Indomabile”, the essence of a nonconformist spirit, which starts with sweet notes of icing sugar next to cashmere wood and precious oud, and evolves on the patchouli notes up to the warm tones of gray amber.

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